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Combining  JAIN aspirations..Globally...... Mission*24L*

About Us                                                                                                


Since 1997, www.jainworld.com has been the most comprehensive and popular web-site on Jainism. This has been the result of tireless efforts and dedication by 500+ people from all walks of life and diverse belief systems representing different nationalities across the globe. JainWorld is the de-facto entry point to the exciting world of Jainism.

Mission Statement

Together, we will revolutionize the way Jainism is perceived globally.

‘Jainworld’ is not just about creating websites. It is much more. It is a movement. It is a dynamic, bold, and a new approach to present exciting world of Jainism to the entire world.

JainWorld will be a tool to create a new awareness about the unique principals of Jainism. Make core values of Jainism accessible to all, all the time, in all the languages (Just like all attendees could understand preaching of Tirthankar during Samavasaran (assembly) regardless of their languages.)  To make the message of ‘Jina’ available to all the human beings for their spiritual progress and soul perfection


Provide to the world the relevance of Jainism to today’s age. Jainism can potentially offer solutions to today’s problems facing the man kind.

To create a global identity for Jainism as an independent and unique religion with it’s great value system.  Extend the coverage of Jainworld.com to more than 95% of the global population by bringing 24 language editions known as Mission*24L* plan.

This will be a Jain Community resource center which will benefit all aspects of Jainism like Spiritual, Business, Cultural, art and music,.  This will also serve as an archive center for manuscripts and other things. Jain database will help to discuss Jain issues and create mass movement for Jain causes.

Please, contact any one of us for any further information. 

vinod@jainworld.com      USA  Phone 678 362 2662


Jainworld is a registered Foundation (Non-profit, Tax exempt, Trust. IRS # 501(c) (3) 48-1266905 ) in USA.  All donations in USA are tax exempt.


 Office.....JainWorld, 715  Bellemeade place  Alpharetta, GA  30004  USA


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