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This incident took place a few days back. A boy came home from school with tears in his eyes. He was agitated, angry, upset and demanded an immediate explanation.

"Mom ! You told me that Jainism is the oldest living religion, very scientific, most environment friendly, ecology protecting, and independent religion with built-in respect and equality for all living beings (human, animals, creatures, birds, insects, etc) and provision for highest level of enlightenment for all.

When it is such a good thing, why it is then not globally known? Nobody knows about Jainism, its origin, its relevance to today's age. The permanent solutions it offers to today's gigantic problems facing the man kind," exclaimed the boy.

Who has the responsibility? Who is to blame? Is anyone doing anything about this? What efforts are being done? How far have we progressed? When this effort will start showing results?

Many questions and not so good answers!!!!!

A friend of mine was very right when he said that the Jains failed to create a global identity for them and this is very much felt by the younger generation. . If we do not rectify this situation quickly, then Jainism will have to work hard to prevail against other strong currents and maintain it's independent identity and it’s great value system. 

We need to act quickly and decisively before it is too late. After all very survival of Jainism is at stake, the time is too short and much more remains to be done.

Mission*24L*is one bold step in this direction.

JainWorld has finalized plans to extend its coverage to more than 95% of the global population to introduce exciting world of Jainism to them.

This means that, we must bring multiple language editions. Current Mission*24L*plan envisage 24 languages (The number signifies 24 Tirthankars ) including some Indian languages. Work on these ‘Language Editions’ is progressing well and will get released in stages starting from JAN 2003 and major work is expected to be completed in few years.

Since 1996, www.jainworld.com (in English), has been the most comprehensive and popular web-site on Jainism. This has been the result of tireless efforts and dedication by 500+ people from all walks of life including Jain, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Parsee, Sikh, and from other diverse belief systems and representing different nationalities across the globe.

‘Jainworld’ is not just about creating websites. It is much more. It is a movement. A dynamic, bold, new approach to present exciting world of Jainism to the entire world. To create a new awareness about the unique principles of Jainism. To make core values of Jainism accessible to all, all the time, in all the languages (Analogus to how it was made available in Samavasharan (assembly) of Tirthankars).

This movement --- Mission*24L*, is not a crazy idea but exciting, challenging and fulfilling experience. It has a clear vision, a complete plan and proven methodology of what we must do and do it now.

One inspired person can make a great difference. We, just need 100+ inspired people. Together, we will revolutionize the way Jainism is perceived globally.

If you think, you always wanted to do something for Jainism but did not do, or got too busy with the mundane, or did not know what and how to do it, or you were simply unaware; it does not matter.

It does not even matter whether you are a small person or big, your bank balance is huge or nil, your status is extraordinary or just ordinary.

What really matters is, that, your heart is set on fire to do something for the cause of Jainism, to spread the message of 'Jina' and make 'Jina Vani' (essence of Jainism) available to all the human beings.

Your dedication can make a significant difference in the world and benefit a lot of people. 

If you have that kind of heart, then write to us.

Do not delay any more.

Act now!

Be a part of this exciting, fulfilling movement --- Mission*24L*

Yours in Jainism,


(and the entire 'JainWorld' team)

( Contact 24L@jainworld.com )

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