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Since 1966, www.jainworld.com (in English), has been the most comprehensive and popular web-site on Jainism. This has been the result of tireless efforts and dedication by 500+ people from all walks of life and diverse belief systems representing different nationalities across the globe. In fact, for non-Jains, Jain World.com is the de-facto entry point to the exciting world of Jainism.

Jain World is a registered Foundation (Non-profit, Tax exempt, Trust. IRS # 501(c) (3) 48-1266905 ) in USA (& other countries). All donations in USA are tax exempt. (Draw the checks in favor of ‘Jain world ‘.)

Mission Statement

                Together, we will revolutionize the way Jainism is perceived globally.

a. ‘Jain World’ is not just about creating websites. It is much more. It is a movement. A dynamic, bold, new approach to present exciting world of Jainism to the entire world.

b. To create a new awareness about the unique principals of Jainism. Make core values of Jainism accessible to all, all the time, in all the languages (Just like it was made available in Samavasharan (assembly) of Thirthankars .

c. To spread the message of ' Jina' and make 'Jina Vani' (essence of Jainism) available to all the living beings.


Combining  JAIN aspirations..Globally !

Educate world masses about the fact that, Jainism is the oldest living religion, very scientific, most environment friendly, ecology protecting and independent religion with built-in respect and equality for all living being (human, animals, creatures, birds, insects, etc) and provision for highest level of enlightenment for all.

Make the world understand how Jainism is relevant to today's age. The permanent solutions it offers to today's gigantic problems facing the man kind.

To create a global identity for Jainism as independent, unique religion and it’s great value system.

Take steps to prevent Jainism being swallowed by other strong currents and motivate Jains to stand-up and protect their independent identity and increase awareness that very survival of Jainism is at stake.

Extend the coverage of Jainworld.com to more than 95% of the global population to introduce exciting world of Jainism to them by bringing multiple language editions. Current Mission*24L* plan envisage 24 languages (representing 24 Tirthankars).

Create a complete knowledge-base and global resource center (in several languages) of authentic and original Jain scripture and various commentaries on them to serve need of everyone, from a casual visitor to a very serious research fellow.

Special emphasis is to show how Jainism can help us in day-to-day life now and keep us ahead in the days to come.

Achievements.  (As on 1 January 2006)

Massive 115 GB site with 115000 web pages, 9500 images, 700 hours of Audio and Video, 22 languages, 206 complete books in several languages, 76000+ hits per day, visits from 145 countries, 605 Man Years of work, just to name a few.


Encouraging non Jain students from High Schools and Colleges across USA and other parts of the world to take projects on Jainism as part of their academic work. So far, more than 600 students received guidance and help from Jain World panel members to prepare and present such projects.

Several faculty members received similar guidance and help from Jain World panel members in helping them get a deeper understanding of Jainism, and give them teaching material on Jainism.

Encouraging non Jains across USA and other parts of the world to learn Jainism. More than 700 people received guidance and help from Jain World panel members to get a deeper understanding of Jainism, learning material on Jainism, and help in following these principles in their daily life.

Several Jains across the globe (including India) are using Jain World to learn Jainism and to teach their children or the ‘Pathshala’ students.

Two universities in Europe introduced ‘Samaysar’ in their Indian language learning as the Prakrit part was available also in audio form on Jain World.

Helped some non-Jains to stay with Jain families to understand how Jains follow non-violence in day to day life. (For example, a business man from China stayed with Jain families in Delhi, Jaipur with the help of Jain World.)

Several Jainism related Radio-talks, lectures for non-Jain audience are getting initiated through Jain World.

Several non-Jains are requesting for free material on Jainism. Jain World is making arrangement to provide such material free of cost to all of them. (This includes several requests from prominent non-Jains in India).

Jain Recipes on Jain World, remains a valuable source for all Hotels world wide for Jain food. (For example, when the biggest hotel in the world ‘Casurina Parkroyal Ipoh ,Malaysia’ wanted to serve Jain food to their guest they came to Jain World).

Helped BBC in putting Jainism on their web side.

And the list goes on...

Want to join this exciting project or have comments / observations... then 


Jain World, 715 Bellemeade place, Alpharetta, GA, 30004-8412, USA

vinod@jainworld.com # 678 362 2662 (USA)