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Various topics prepared on Jain History by Dr. K. C. Jain and his team

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  1. Jainism Before Mah�v�ra

  2. Sources

  3. Life of Mah�v�Ra

  4. Teachings of Mah�v�Ra

  5. Age of Mah�v�ra

  6. Historical Role Of Jainism

  7. Ancient Jain T�rthas and historical places

  8. Jaina Monks, Statesmen and �r�vakas1

  9. Social life of The jaina community in medieval times

  10. Religious Divisions

  11. Social - Divisions

  12. Bhattarak Sampradaya

  13. jainism in mdiaeval india (1300-1800)

  14. Economic life of jains in Medieval times

  15. Medieval jainism

  16. Contributions of Jainism to Indian culture

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