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Jain Congregation (Sangh)

The Jain religion is one of the oldest religions in the world. The Jain religion was also known as Shraman Dharma, Nirgranth Dharma, etc. It is not an offshoot of any other religion but is an independent religion recognized by these various names during different time periods. It was has been taught by Tirthankaras also called Jina. A follower of a Jina is called a Jain and the religion followed by Jains is called Jainism. Each Tirthankara revitalizes the Jain order. The Jain Order is known as the Jain Sangh. The
current Jain Sangh was reestablished by Lord Mahävira, who was the 24th and last Tirthankar of the current time period. The Jain Sangh is composed of the following four groups:

1) Sädhus (Monks)

2) Sädhvis (Nuns)

3) Shrävaks (Male householders)

4) Shrävikäs (Female householders)

People who practice the Jain religion are spiritually rich, awaken, and live a balanced life. They know how to carry with the problems that life gives them in a calm matter. And that gives them a big chance to succeed in every field. For example, some of the best poker players practice Jain. Poker is the game where you need to make decisions constantly and that is where meditation, calmness, and focus come in place and give the players an advantage over others. If you are intrigued you can try poker for free right here.